AMPJP Council meeting 13th Sept 2022

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Summary of AMPJP Council Meeting 13th Sept 2022


David Penny appointed Deputy Chairperson

The Council appointed David Penny as Deputy Chairperson of AMPJP Council. David is Member Representative of Calvary Ministries. David has served as an AMPJP Councillor from 05 May 2017 to 25 Aug 2019 and since 10 Aug 2021.


Neville Owen appointed AMPJP Member Representative to ACSL

The Council Neville Owen appointed AMPJP Member Representative to ACSL filling the vacancy created by Eva Skira completing her term.


Plenary Council and AMPJP

The Council approved a work plan for the AMPJP to respond to the Plenary Council.


ACBC-AMPJP Accord and CRA-AMPJP Covenant

The Council approved draft Action Plans for the ACBC-AMPJP Accord and CRA-AMPJP Covenant. These will be sent to ACBC and CRA for them to add additional details.


National Catholic Safeguarding Standards 2nd Ed

The Council heard that ACBC, CRA and AMPJP continue to work through the wording of particular elements of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards 2nd Ed.


MPJPs were encouraged to participate in the ACSL consultation on the draft Code of Safety Our Common Mission.


Evaluation of AMPJP AGM and Forum 2022

The Council noted the very high response rate to feedback survey and the overwhelmingly positive ratings and comments. Council suggestions for the next AMPJP Forum were:

  • Maintain the Education and Health-Aged Care meeting on Sunday afternoon
  • Member Cameo will be a minute longer and more focused on the role of the MPJP Steward


MPJP Governance Report 2023

The Council discussed a paper that proposed expanding the AMPJP’s annual on gender equity in MPJP governance report to include: (1) other diversity characteristics and (2) provide some theoretical context.


Formation issues

The Council appointed Prof Peter Steane as one of the AMPJP Council members on the AMPJP Formation Committee.

The Council heard that the AMPJP Formation Committee priorities are:

  • looking at ways of keeping the Resources list current and familiar to MPJPs;
  • preparing summaries of the three MPJP Papers;
  • evaluating the Wisdom Circle for MPJP Stewards that was held in Sydney on 08 Sept 2022. The feedback thus far is very positive;
  • articulating the theology/ecclesiology and the history of AMPJP and MPJP but has no plan as to how to do so; and
  • Looking at events for the 2025 Holy Year – especially focusing on the four Vatican II Constitutions.


Other business

  • The Council approved the AMPJP calendar of events/meeting for 2023.
  • The Council requested a webinar be held addressing modern slavery and MPJPs.
  • The Council noted the CORMSAA report.
  • The Council noted the AMPJP Canonical Stewards Formation Committee report.
  • The Council noted reports from AMPJP Nominees to External Committees.
  • The Council noted the Executive Officer’s Report.
  • The Council noted the AMPJP Financial Reports and Correspondence Report


Next Council meeting:  via videoconference on Tuesday 08th November 2022



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