AMPJP endorses “Uluru Statement From the Heart”

17 February 2023 by

The Association of Ministerial PJPs (AMPJP) endorses the “Uluru Statement From the Heart”.

AMPJP Council Chair, Moira Najdecki:

The 2017 Statement From the Heart speaks to all Australians. It invites us to reconcile with our past and work today on structures and attitudes for which future generations will express gratitude and pride.

 The “Uluru Statement From the Heart” calls for:

  1. a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution: and
  2. the establishment of a Makarrata Commission for the purpose of treaty making and truth-telling.

In coming to this position, the AMPJP has listened and responded to the urging of its Members and to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council.

Moira Najdecki:

The AMPJP recognise the importance of hearing the voices of our people: staff, volunteers and those that we serve. Therefore, we support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who put forward the principle: “nothing about us, without us”.