AMPJP Formation Framework

21 November 2020 by

At their November meeting the AMPJP Council approved a DRAFT AMPJP Framework for Canonical Stewards for  Trustees/Canonical Stewards. The Council is now inviting MPJPs to discuss the Framework and provide feedback on its applicability.

The idea of a Formation Framework came from the AMPJP’s 02-03 November 2019 workshop included resolutions that a working group develop:

  • Formation and development framework for Canonical Stewards (and possibly Board Directors)
  • Skills matrix for Canonical Stewards

Carmel Ross (MercyCare), Peter Pritchard (Sophia Education Ministries) and Lawrie Hallinan (AMPJP) are the nucleus of this working group. Other members include: Peter Howard (Mary Aikenhead Ministries), Elizabeth McClintock (Sophia Education Ministries), and Eileen Young (Dominican Education Australia).

The working group drew on the existing formation frameworks of MPJPs to develop an AMPJP Formation Framework for Canonical Stewards. The resulting Framework has sections addressing:

  • Introduction;
  • Definition of formation;
  • Principles for addressing formation;
  • Domains within the AMPJP Formation Framework for Canonical Stewards; and
  • Assessing individual/group competency with the AMPJP Formation Framework.

The six domains of the AMPJP Formation Framework are:













The DRAFT AMPJP Framework for Canonical Stewards is offered to AMPJP members as a guide to support the development of their own formation framework.