AMPJP webinars 23 Aug 2021

1 September 2021 by

AMPJP provided three 60 minutes online information/formation sessions on 23 August 2021.

These sessions were scheduled for the AMPJP’s Canonical Stewards Forum which would have taken place in Brisbane on 23 August 2021, if not for COVID-19.

The first session was a ‘Leadership in a Synodal Church’ presentation by Dr Anne Benjamin and Dr Charles Burford. This presentation drew on material in their recently co-authored book ‘Leadership in a Synodal Church’. Fifty people registered for this session. A recording of the 891MB presentation (with breakout group omitted) is available:


The second session was a presentation by Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd on its work with particular reference to MPJPs. Fifty people registered for this session. A recording of the 239MB presentation is available:


The final session was a presentation on the AMPJP achievements of the past year. Forty six people are registered for this session.

The session covered:

  • Characteristics of AMPJP processes
  • AMPJP development over the [ast five years
  • Major achievements/activities of the past financial year
  • AMPJP relationship with ACSL
  • AMPJP Formation Committee
  • AMPJP 2016-2021 review

A recording of this presentation is available at: Passcode: ?2PJW%wa



Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash