Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday 5th July 2020

29 June 2020 by

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced NATSICC to rethink the ways in how we empower Catholics to celebrate our special day. This year, we have modified our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday resources to work in a digital setting. We are also holding the first-ever live-streamed, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday Mass from the St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Adelaide from 10am EST. The livestream will be available from the NATSICC homepage.

We are inviting everyone around Australia – and the World – to join us on 5 July 2020, as we come ‘Together in the Spirit’ to celebrate the gifts of spirituality and culture.

Resource Booklet

Booklet includes:

  • Liturgy Suggestions for both First Nations and non Indigenous Congregations
  • Prayers of the Faithful developed by Aboriginal communities across Australia
  • Land: A Generation point for existence (Article by Clint McGoldrick)
  • Homily Notes by Fr Frank Brennan
  • Tree of Life Youth Activity
  • Acknowledgement and Welcome Guide

Online Viewing

Download (Print Version)


Multimedia Resources

Torres Strait Islander Hymns by Dolly McGaughey:


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday Poster


AIATSIS Language Map

Use this map to find your local Traditional Custodians for use in Acknowledgements


Acknowledgement of Country and presentation

A 5 minute Acknowledgement and presentation that will set the scene for your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday Celebrations.

We know that COVID 19 restrictions have had a large impact on the way that we celebrate our faith as Catholics. It has made it more difficult to invite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders to provide Welcomes, the numbers allowed at Mass are limited and many Parishes are still yet to open.

This resource contains 13 beautiful slides that will educate and inform your group whilst providing an Acknowledgement of Country in the event that you can’t have a local Custodian present. In normal circumstances we always suggest that your local community normally be the first people contacted.

* Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the video may contain images, voices or words of those that have passed.


The National NAIDOC Committee has postponed NAIDOC Week from the original July dates to 8-15 November 2020 due to the impacts and uncertainty from the escalating Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across our communities and cities.