CHA Pastoral Care Forum

21 November 2017 by

On 10 November 2017, 40 Pastoral Practitioners attended Catholic Health Australia’s annual Pastoral Care Forum. This year the Pastoral Care Forum was held at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Fitzroy Melbourne. It was a great event, with pastoral practitioners coming together from all parts of Australia and representing many Catholic health and aged care organisations.

The presenters included:

  • Ros Bradley, author of  A Matter of Life and Death, Mosaic: Favourite Prayers and Reflections from Inspiring Australians, and A World of Prayer;
  • Cheryl Holmes, CEO, Spiritual Health Victoria;
  • Ilsa Hampton, CEO, Meaningful Ageing Australia; and
  • Dr Clare O’Callaghan, Cabrini Health and working with St Vincent’s Health Australia.

The presentations were excellent, as was the discussion and sharing of pastoral care research, experiences and issues amongst the participants. Feedback was very positive, with participants finding the seminar very informative and worthwhile. “I will be returning to my place of work with new ideas and issues to reflect upon”, was one response. People valued the variety of input and the thought-provoking resources, as well as opportunities to meet others working in the sector.

Others enjoyed the diversity of the presentations, and hearing each speaker affirm the role and importance of pastoral care. One participant enjoyed the sense of comradery at the forum, pointing out that pastoral care can be a very solitary environment for practitioners. The seminar encouraged practitioners to push boundaries into what pastoral care is about, to think outside the square.

CHA would like to thank all the presenters, participants and St Vincent’s Health Australia for hosting the event. CLICK HERE to access the presentations.