Executive Officer’s Report: December 2020

22 December 2020 by

Before thinking ahead to 2021, I want to take stock of the year that has just ended.

  • COVID-19 and the resulting social restrictions forced us to cancel our August 2020 full-day face-to-face forum. Rather than replacing the forum with one long videoconference, we held a series of 60 or 90 minute formation videoconferences (topics included: COVID and Ethics, MPJP Members, MPJP Canonical Stewards).  This convenient format enabled a good number of MPJP Canonical Stewards to join from across the country. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. This was an innovation that we may not have tried if not for COVID-19.
  • A thorough consultation and discernment process resulted in AMPJP  members deciding that AMPJP should become a foundation Member of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd (ACSL). ACSL was established on 03 December 2020.  The AMPJP’s role in ACSL is a significant step in our ongoing collaboration with Catholic Religious Australia and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.
  • After extensive consultation about structure, purpose and membership, we established the Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP  School Authorities  Australia (CORMSAA) as the peak forum for Religious Institute and MPJP school authorities. CORMSAA operates under the auspice of AMPJP and is a service that we provide to both our members and to Religious Institutes that operate Catholic schools.
  • We provided Prof Marea Nicholson AM as our nominee to the National Catholic Education Commission. Previously Catholic Religious Australia would nominate a person to the National Catholic Education Commission on behalf of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP school authorities. Marea is a member of CORMSAA and will ensure Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP representation via that committee.
  • We reviewed our previous Strategic Plan and developed a new Strategic Direction for the 2020-23 period.
  • A working group comprised of representatives of AMPJP members developed a draft Formation Framework for MPJP Canonical Stewards. This document is currently being circulated/discussed within AMPJP members.
  • The AMPJP Council increased the frequency of its videoconference meetings to enable us to address issues and to maintain social support.
  •  Eva Skira is accepted as a Delegate to the Plenary Council (after nomination from AMPJP).
  • The AMPJP website was expanded with information on CORMSAA and  about MPJPs.


After last year, it seems foolish to predict what the year ahead will bring. Nevertheless, some of the 2021 activities to which I look forward are:

  • consulting with stakeholders for the review of AMPJP’s first five years (review to be during Feb – June)
  • Face to-face meetings of CORMSAA (in March) and of AMPJP Member Representatives (in May)
  • MPJP consultation on the draft Formation Framework for MPJP Canonical Stewards (in April-July)
  • Face to-face AGM, dinner and full-day forum for MPJP Canonical Stewards (in August)
  • Plenary Council (in October)

… God and COVID willing











The future is not a result of

choices among alternative paths

offered by the present,

but a place that is created –

created first in the mind and will,

created next in activity.

The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.

The paths are not to be found,

but made, and the activity of

making them, changes both

the maker and the destination.

From: John Schaar

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