Fanning the Plenary flame

28 May 2021 by

Coinciding with Pentecost was the national campaign to support a prayerful build-up to the first assembly of the Plenary Council.

The “Fan the Flame” campaign is offered as resources for individuals and groups of various sizes and contexts who are providing essential support by praying for the Council journey and specifically for the Council assemblies, including the members who will participate.

The web page – has the following content:

  • A document introducing the campaign (also attached for ease of access)
  • A generic bulletin notice
  • Weekly “Bulletin Bits” for each week from Pentecost until September 26
  • Universal Prayers/Prayers of the Faithful that can be used during the campaign
  • Musical suggestions for each week
  • Weekly reflection sheets, including prayers, reflection options and related reading material
  • Reflective prayer experiences, including options for journal sheets, for three weekends during the campaign
  • Multimedia resources for projection, including MP4 video files and PowerPoint slides (widescreens and 4:3 ratio) for each week
  • Decals for placement on liturgical candles (including a Plenary Council candle previously provided to dioceses).