One Mater Transition

24 July 2020 by

The 1st July 2020 saw the coming together of the Mater Hospital & Health Services in South Queensland, Central Queensland and North Queensland.

This has been an initiative of the combined strategies of Mercy Partners, the Canonical Sponsors and civil owners, of the Mater Hospitals and Health Services together with the Board of Mater which was appointed by Mercy Partners in 2019 to implement this transition.

Mercy Partners is deeply committed to a culture of compassion and care within all of its ministries covering health, aged, community, family, disability and education services.

The coming together of the Mater Hospital & Health services in Queensland has resulted in the largest Catholic not-for-profit network of hospitals and healthcare services in Queensland known simplly as Mater. By bringing together this health network which includes health education and health research there will be a greater capacity to collaborate and ensure that the highest quality of care to patients and consumers is delivered across the state.

Since their establishment by Catherine McAuley in Dublin in 1831, the Sisters of Mercy have embraced change and looked for new opportunities to provide healing and hope to the communities they serve. The coming together of the Mercy Partners ministries as Mater is the continuation of this legacy.

This is an exciting time for Mercy Partners and Mater as these ministries are united with one shared Mission to provide the best possible patient care and together, find new and innovative ways to respond to the healthcare needs of the communities that our ministries serve.

To acknowledge the historic occasion, all Mater locations shared commemorative gifts with their staff and hosted a prayer ritual to officially acknowledge the merger.

Mercy Partners wishes the Board of Mater, the Executive and all the staff, volunteers and everyone associated with Mater across Queensland, blessings and best wishes.