Online formation with Boston College

27 February 2023 by

Boston College is currently offering two formation opportunities:

  1. History, Theology and Practice of Synodality – Free online course offered by Boston College Through an online platform you will have access to a series of pre-recorded videos during the months of February and March 2023. “Synodality is not the chapter of a treatise on ecclesiology, and even less a fad, a slogan or the new term to be used or manipulated in our meetings. No! Synodality expresses the nature of the Church, its form, its style, its mission.” Pope Francis To register go to:
  2.  A Theology for the Church’s Present Moment. Richard Lennan, Professor of Systematic Theology, Boston College 75min ending with thoughts on synodality and the Australian Plenary Council experience.


Featured image: Boston College