Pope Francis addresses climate crisis

26 April 2021 by

On Earth Day, Pope Francis joined with other world leaders in calling for urgent and cooperative action on the environmental crisis.

The Pope will also use the 16-24 May 2021 Laudato si’ week to call upon all sections of the Catholic Church commit to undertake their own journey of discernment and action as called for in his Encycical Laudato si’.

Many Ministerial PJP ministries have worked for many years to reduce the damage that they inflict on the environment.



Pope Francis has consistently focus on the issues that impact of the lives of people – especially the poor.

He is the antithesis of the self-referential attitude highlighted in a story in Jesuit Anthony de Mello’s book The Song of the Bird.

That book contains the following story that demonstrates the alternate reality that can develop when an organisation is more focused on itself than on the major changes in their environment:


October, 1917: The Russian Revolution is born. History takes a new direction.
The story goes that the Russian Church was assembled in Council that very month. A
passionate debate arose about the colour of a certain liturgical vestment. Some wanted white. Others purple.