Prayer resources

22 October 2021 by

Mercy Partners Formation produces an annual Prayer Resource for its ministry leaders and their boards.

This year they have decided to offer a selection of their Prayer Resources for purchase beyond Mercy Partners’ ministries, in the spirit of sharing the formation load. The cost covers the printing and other presentation materials. They are great for a 15 minute reflection at the beginning of any meeting.

Mercy Partner’s Prayer Resources are used in leadership and board meetings, prayer gatherings and formation events. The prayer cards are perfect for group or individual reflection.

The following Prayer Resource sets available for purchase:

  • Parables
  • Ancient Wisdom (2 sets)
  • Laudato Si’
  • Catholic Social Teaching

Each full set contains 10-12 prayers (with 10 copies of each prayer) in an A5 folder (i.e. 100-120 prayer cards in each set). We are also offering single sets to ensure you can have the exact number you need.

For more details, please review the promotional flier, samples and Order Form.

Pre-orders are required by the end of October 2021 to ensure we can fulfil your order before the new year.