Reviewing the AMPJP

24 February 2021 by

The fifth anniversary of the incorporation of the AMPJP in May 2021 is an appropriate time to  review how well we have achieved our objectives, whether these were the right objectives and whether new priorities are needed for the future.

This was the assessment of the AMPJP Executive Officer and AMPJP Council when they  developed priorities for the 2020-2021 year.

The review will seek the assessment of internal and external stakeholders on the:

  • AMPJP’s efforts to facilitate constructive relationships;
  • AMPJP’s efforts to facilitate collaborative action;
  • AMPJP’s efforts to provide accurate and relevant information on AMPJP and MPJPs;
  • AMPJP’s efforts to foster excellence in canonical governance among MPJPs;
  • AMPJP’s efforts to facilitate appropriate formation activities for MPJP Canonical Stewards;
  • What the stakeholder sees as AMPJP’s most successful undertakings;
  • What the stakeholder sees as AMPJP’s most significant missed opportunities or failings; and
  • What the stakeholder would see as AMPJP’s top 3 issues/activities for the next 5 years.

The AMPJP has engaged Mr Les Stahl of Facilitation Plus Australia Pty Ltd to conduct the review. Since 1995, Les has provided a range of facilitation and consultation services to Government bodies, various Churches and Not-for-profit organisations. He has worked work with Catholic dioceses, Religious Institutes, as well as Catholic health, education and social service organisations.

The review will involve a survey sent to 135 people from a organisations with varying degrees of interaction with AMPJP. A letter and an Information sheet will be sent to survey recipients in the days before they receive the survey.

The survey is the first part of the information seeking process. The survey will be followed up with phone and/or videoconference interviews.

AMPJP aims to publish a report on the data gathered and the AMPJP’s response to this review.