Towards Mercy Ministry Companions

20 November 2020 by

The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (The Sisters) is continuing with its preparation to transfer responsibility for its ministries to a Ministerial PJP. These ministries include: hospitals, health services, aged care, schools/education services and children’s, family and community services.  The Sisters have consulted with their ministries throughout the process of investigating if a MPJP is appropriate and if so what form of MPJP.

In 2021, the Sisters plan to petition the Apostolic See to establish a MPJP called Mercy Ministry Companions. More details on the proposed MPJP are available in the newsletter: Mercy Ministry Companions

An additional benefit of this consultation process is the dialogue between the existing MPJPs with a Sisters of Mercy heritage: Mercy Partners (QLD), MercyCare (WA) and the proposed MPJP for New Zealand- Aotearoa, Whanau Mercy Ministries. It is hoped that Mercy Ministry Companions will contribute to further discussions on forming an Alliance and exploring collaboration amongst these Mercy MPJPs.