AMPJP Annual Report 2019-2020

26 August 2020 by

On 25 August 2020, the members of the AMPJP gathered via video-conference for their Annual General Meeting.

One of the main actions of the meeting was the acceptance of the AMPJP Annual Report 2019-20

Member Representatives made the following comments on AMPJP’s 2019-2020:

  • There is productive dialogue and energy amongst Members;
  • The extra ZOOM sessions have helped Members to stay contacted;
  • There is an increased sense of community, trust and clarity; and
  • The contribution of the Executive Officer is greatly appreciated.


As the AMPJP Council is half way through its two-year term, there was no need to elect Councillors.

The annual election of office bearers saw the existing team re-elected to continue until the 2021 AGM:

  • Chair– Eva Skira
  • Deputy Chair– Moira Najdecki
  • Treasurer– Peter Steane


AMPJP Annual Report media release

AMPJP Annual Report 2019-20