AMPJP Council Meeting 21st March 2022

23 March 2022 by

Summary of AMPJP Council Meeting 21st March 2022

Presentation by Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd

Michael Lavarch AO, Board Chair and Dr Ursula Stephens, CEO of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd, gave a presentation to AMPJP Council and to MPJP safeguarding representatives. This presentation addressed the National Response Protocol, National Response Framework and National Catholic Safeguarding Standards 2nd Ed. MPJPs will be sent materials for them to consult with their ministries and indicate their response to these documents.


Associate member applications

The AMPJP Council accepted the applications of Loreto Ministries and Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat to become AMPJP Associates.


CORMSAA Strategic Priorities

The AMPJP Council approved the strategic priorities 2022-2023 as developed by the Committee of Religious Institutes and MPJP School Authorities Australia (CORMSAA)


Gender Equity in Governance report

 The AMPJP Council approved the establishment of a working party to expand the annual report on Gender Equity in MPJP Governance. The expanded 2023 MPJP Governance Report will include: a range of diversity data and a context of relevant theology and best practice governance.


AMPJP Formation Plan

The AMPJP Council approved the AMPJP Formation Plan for MPJP Canonical Stewards 2022-2024 as developed by the AMPJP Canonical Stewards Formation Committee. The AMPJP Council congratulated the Committee on their work.


AMPJP Dinner and Forum 2022

The Council agreed that MPJP ‘Executive Officers’ will be invited to the AMPJP AGM Dinner 21 August 2022 and Forum 22 August 2022 in Brisbane. A carve out session for MPJP Executive Officers only will be included in the Forum program.


Women in governance webinar

The Council received an evaluation report on the 08 March 2022 “Women in governance” webinar. The Council thanked all those involved in this successful webinar.


MPJP ministries impact infographic and MPJP timeline

The Members of the AMPJP will be asked to approve the public circulation of an updated version of the document with the MPJP ministries impact infographic and MPJP timeline.


Other business

  • The Council approved a letter of support for an ACSL safeguarding project.
  • The Council discussed the AMPJP relationships with other Church Authorities.
  • The Council noted the CORMSAA report.
  • The Council noted the AMPJP Canonical Stewards Formation Committee report.
  • The Council noted the Executive Officer’s Report.
  • The Council noted the AMPJP Financial Reports and Correspondence Report


Next Council meeting:  via videoconference on Tuesday 10th May 2022