AMPJP Formation Plan for MPJP Canonical Stewards

23 March 2022 by

The AMPJP Formation Framework for Canonical Stewards says:

Formation occurs when the person cooperates with the Holy Spirit in identifying and developing the values, relationships, skills and knowledge that will enable her/him to more fully become the person that God calls her/him to be.

The Framework provides principles for addressing formation and articulates the domains, values, knowledge and competencies that could apply to formation as it applies to the role of MPJP Canonical Steward.

The AMPJP established a Formation Committee in 2021 with the role of developing a three-year plan of high-priority formation activities/resources. On 21 March 2022, the AMPJP Council approved the plan for MPJP Canonical Steward Formation 2022-2024.



This 3-year formation plan seeks to:

  • Acknowledge and support each individual MPJP as the primary faith community and formation facilitator;
  • Emphasise the uniqueness of the Canonical Steward identity/role/method (especially as distinct from the Board Director role);
  • Offer some formation to all of the MPJP Canonical Stewards – as well as some specifically for those who were recently appointed;
  • Draw on the wisdom of current and past Canonical Stewards;
  • Use various processes – written material, wisdom sharing groups, webinars, spiritual and intellectual.
  • Incorporate the AMPJP’s annual Canonical Stewards Forum within the formation plan;
  • Select a theme for each year i.e., a topic that is a priority for Canonical Stewards in the Church at this time;
  • Use (or create) language that is most applicable to Canonical Stewardship rather than just use terms that came from other settings; and
  • Complement existing academic and governance professional course.


The Formation activities are delivered in various modes:

  1. Written materials
  2. National in-person gathering
  3. State based in-person gatherings Wisdom circle
  4. Occasional ZOOM Wisdom circle

There will also be written materials developed especially for new Canonical Stewards.


For more information see:

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