AMPJP Executive Officer’s report on April 2021

30 April 2021 by

April 13 saw another successful AMPJP videoconference. This one was a consultation on the AMPJP draft Formation Framework for Canonical Stewards. I am most appreciative of the people who planned the session and who helped in the drafting of the Framework:

  • Carmel Ross (MercyCare)
  • Peter Pritchard (Sophia Education Ministries)
  • Elizabeth McClintock (Sophia Education Ministries)
  • Eileen Young (Dominican Education Australia)
  • Peter Howard (Mary Aikenhead Ministries)
  • Peter Steane (Catholic Healthcare)

One of the features of the session that participants rated highly was the break-out rooms. The facilitators in these rooms were:

  • Mary McComish (MercyCare and St John of God Australia)
  • David Penny (Calvary Ministries)
  • Julianna Drobik (Dominican Education Australia)
  • Jennifer Stratton (MercyCare)
  • Eileen Young (Dominican Education Australia)

Another major activity in my April was preparing for the 16-17 May 2021 face-to-face extended AMPJP Council meeting in Sydney.



“All around us,

to right and left,

in front and behind,

above and below,

we have only to go a little beyond

the frontier of sensible appearances

in order to see the divine

welling up and showing through”.


Pierre Teilhard De Chardin SJ, The Divine Milieu

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