Advent is the period leading up to Christmas. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (Advent Sunday) and continues through to December 24th (Christmas Eve). In Western churches, Advent Sunday marks the beginning of Christian liturgical year.


Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who is considered by Christians to be the Son of God, and the savior of all people. [Celebrated on January 7th 2023 by some Orthodox Churches].

Mission Inspired Leadership #1

Session 1: ENGAGE AND COLLABORATE – in the Catholic social care ecosystem  Facilitator: Lawrie Hallinan The Catholic Church is the largest non-government provider of social and education services in Australia. When compared to more centralised approaches in the social care sector, working in the Catholic social services ecosystem offers more opportunity

Mission Inspired Leadership #2

Session 2: KEEP TO PRINCIPLE – how to apply purposeful Catholic social principles to social services at the coalface  Facilitators: Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R. and Pip McIlroy Principles are our values in action – and Catholic social teaching has an inspiring but little-understood canon of social principles to guide our vital social

Mission Inspired Leadership #3

Session 3: TRUE TO PURPOSE – how to keep Catholic social services on mission Facilitator: Belinda Clarke How can we stay true to purpose and the best of the dynamic Catholic tradition our organisations have developed within? How might mission and purpose be held as central in all organisational practises in

Mission Inspired Leadership #4

Session 4: DELIVER SOCIAL IMPACT SUSTAINABLY – how to thrive together for the common good  Facilitator: Robyn Miller This final session brings the first three together and focusses on practical action. How can core purpose and associated principles be best applied within the Catholic social services sector and in our broader community?