About Us

The establishment of the Association of Ministerial PJPs Ltd (a Company Limited by Guarantee) on 5 May 2016 marked an historic development for the Australian Church in relation to lay ecclesial leadership.


The Association of Ministerial PJPs (AMPJP) brings together the MPJPs of some of Australia’s major Catholic health, aged and community care, and educational organisations. This umbrella body allows the canonical stewards of these MPJPs to interact formally with Bishops, Church agencies and, importantly, with one another.


The ministries of Ministerial PJPs often choose to belong to the peak Catholic body for their sector (e.g. Catholic Health Australia – for health and aged care; Catholic Social Services Australia – for welfare services and National/State Catholic Education Commission – for schools). These bodies typically: advocate member views/interests with government/other bodies; support members build their service capacity and assist members advance their Catholic identity. AMPJP aims to work collaboratively with other peak Catholic bodies where there is a shared role.


AMPJP has the unique roles of developing/supporting MPJP canonical stewards and of representing MPJPs collectively.

AMPJP Annual Report 2021

AMPJP 2016-2021 information sheet

AMPJP Organisational Structure 2022-05-30

AMPJP Governance Principles, Foundations and Applications

AMPJP Formation Framework for MPJP Canonical Stewards

AMPJP Strategic Direction 2020-2023


In fostering the ministry of canonical governance, the Association of Ministerial PJPs, supports its members, as an umbrella organisation, to flourish individually and together in communion with the Catholic Church.


Our Vision is for flourishing, vibrant Catholic ministries governed by well-formed Canonical Stewards, continuing Jesus' mission in Australia and beyond in the 21st century.


inclusive, relational, collaborative and prophetic.

Objects and Aims
The charitable objects of the new Association identified in its constitution are:
  1. offering a contemporary, encouraging example of Christ’s mission at work in the world – “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10)
  2. actively enabling the co-responsibility of laity and clergy for the life of the Church and its ministries
  3. facilitating collegial interaction between canonical stewards of the member PJPs
  4. providing the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Catholic Religious Australia, their respective members and other Catholic entities with a point of liaison with member PJPs and their canonical stewards
  5. supporting canonical stewards in their ministry of governance by -
    1. fostering the capability of current and future canonical stewards, including through facilitating formation activities and qualifications to support canonical stewards and their staff
    2. facilitating access to canonical governance and related advice
    3. communicating to the member PJPs relevant matters of significance
  6. promoting and proclaiming Catholic identity as an integral part of the PJPs ministries.

The number of Members of the Company is unlimited and open to a legal entity representing a Public Juridical Person or an Association of Christ’s Faithful.

Current Members


AMPJP Associates

  • Loreto Ministries Ltd
  • Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat Ltd


Each member of the association appoints a representative.

As at 07 March 2022, the members of the AMPJP Council are:

  • (Chair) Eva Skira AM (representative of St John of God Australia Ltd)
  • (Deputy Chair) Moira Najdecki (representative of Good Samaritan Education)
  • (Treasurer) Professor Peter Steane (representative of Trustees of Catholic Healthcare)
  • David Penny (representative of Calvary Ministries Ltd)
  • Jennifer Stratton (representative of Chairperson of MercyCare)
  • Sr Julianna Drobik OP (representative of Dominican Education Australia Ltd)
  • Kieran McCarthy (representative of Mercy Partners);
  • Peter Pritchard (representative of Sophia Education Ministries Ltd) ;   
  • Philomena Billington (representative of Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia)
  • Richard Haddock AO (representative of Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries) and
  • Rosemary Copeland (representative of Trustees of Kildare Ministries)
  • Margaret Bounader (representative of Mercy Ministry Companions)


Company Secretary and Executive Officer: Lawrie Hallinan