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23 April 2024 by

The Xavier School of Mission aims to equip and form leaders in evangelisation at the service of the Dioceses of Queensland and beyond. It is a dynamic and flexible resource that places the Church’s mission to evangelise at the heart of Holy Spirit Seminary’s formative process. It emerges from Holy Spirit Provincial Seminary’s commitment
11 February 2024 by

19th Annual St Thomas More Lecture. Keynote Speaker: Fr Rob Galea St Thomas More Parish and Forum Dinner 2024 We will soon be a generation surrounded by Artificial Intelligence. How can the Catholic Church utilise this intelligence to reach out and draw young people to Christ? Fr Rob Galea is
11 February 2024 by

‘For such a time as this.’ (Esther 4:14) An opportunity for clergy, parish leaders and parishioners to be renewed in the Church’s mission of evangelisation, and to be equipped to strengthen practical efforts through spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and human formation in accordance with our Archdiocesan Mission Plan, Go Make Disciples. Keynote speakers,
31 January 2024 by

​Fr Richard Leonard SJ Hanly Room beside St Stephen’s Cathedral (parking available) Nourished by word and sacrament at our weekly Eucharist, the gathered community is sent out to live and proclaim our faith, hope and love in Christ. What does the world look like to which we are sent? What liturgy might