AMPJP Associates

10 September 2021 by

The AMPJP now offers a closer relationship to:

  1. groups within Australia who are actively working to establish a Ministerial Public Juridic Person (MPJP) or Associations of Christ’s Faithful; and
  2. MPJPs and ACF that operate outside Australia.

AMPJP Associates receive:

  • advanced notice of and access to AMPJP webinars;
  • access to AMPJP Canonical Stewards Forum at minimal cost;
  • information on events and resources provided in the AMPJP Executive Officer’s weekly FYI email; and
  • advice and assistance from AMPJP

Access to Council meetings and meeting papers/minutes is offered to AMPJP Associates that the Council recognises as well-advanced on the journey to being a ACF or MPJP.


Interested organisations need to complete an application form which will be considered by the AMPJP Council: AMPJP Associate Application Form 2021-08-16


AMPJP Associates pay an annual fee of $200AUD.



Feature photo courtesy of: Cytonn Photography on Unsplash