AMPJP Executive Officer’s report on May 2021

28 May 2021 by

The month of May was busy with both a AMPJP Council Strategic Issues Forum and Council meeting 16-17 May 2021 and a CORMSAA meeting 18 May 2021. A highlight of both was that they were face-to-face meetings where those present could speak to individuals and small groups as well to the whole assembly. Everyone was also pleased that two representatives of Mercy Ministry Companions were able to join us for the first time. As is the way both meetings involve the writing of several meeting papers and there is always substantial follow-up.

One of the major outcomes for the AMPJP Council meeting was the finalisation of the AMPJP Formation Framework for Canonical Stewards. I look forward to working with the Formation Committee and our Members that will develop activities in response to this Framework.


Our Lady Help of Christians (Patron of Australia)


Litany of Praise

Prayer leader All
For Mary, who is a sign of hope and source of unity in Christ for all Australians. We praise you God.
For Mary, who is woman, wife, mother, a person for us today. We praise you God.
For Mary, who, as our Patroness, shows love and care towards our land and its multicultural people. We praise you God.
For Mary, who is model and bearer of the Truth and Light of the Gospel We praise you God.
Trusting in God who cares for all our needs we pray together: Our Father………
May we continue to journey with Mary and all those who love God and seek truth. Amen.
Loving God,

you place deep in our hearts the love of Mary, Help of Christians. Through her prayers grant wisdom to our leaders and integrity to our citizens. Under her protection may Australia be granted harmony, justice and peace. We ask this in Jesus’ name.



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Image: Mary Help of Christians Artist Alan Pomeroy. From ANZAC Memorial Chapel, Duntroon ACT

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