AMPJP Executive Officer’s report on November 2022

1 December 2022 by

November was a busy month with meetings of the AMPJP Council, CORMSAA and the AMPJP Formation Committee. As you can imagine, there is considerable work in preparing papers for meetings as well as the minutes and follow-up required in implementing the decisions of meetings.

The month also involved travel to participate in the final 2022 MPJP Stewards Wisdom Circle gathering and the Forum convened by ACBC. You can read about these in separate posts.

During November the AMPJP Council farewelled Peter Pritchard and welcomed Liz Vinning. Peter was the inaugural Chair of Sophia Education Ministries. In November 2022, Peter’s term concluded and Liz is now the Chair of Sophia Education Ministries and their Member Representative to AMPJP. Welcome Liz.



Hope is the door that opens onto the future.

Hope is a humble, hidden seed of life that with time,

will develop into a large tree.

It is like some invisible yeast

that allows the whole dough to grow,

that brings flavour to all aspects of life.


Pope Francis, April 2017


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