AMPJP Council meeting 08 Nov 2022

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Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd issues


The Council acknowledged that Members have passed by circular resolution detailing various changes to the constitution of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd (ACSL).


The Council discussed the reasons why there was not unanimous support among Members for a circular resolution on endorsing the draft National Catholic Safeguarding Standards 2nd Edition (NCSS). As the AMPJP requires unanimous agreement for its public statements/positions, the AMPJP Member Representative to ACSL will not be able to vote in favour of this resolution at the ACSL Member’s meeting in late November 2022. The Council noted that revisions to the NCSS are ongoing and it will continue to contribute to discussions to find a version agreeable to all Church Authorities.


Plenary Council and AMPJP


The Council noted the progress in developing a work plan to address the Plenary Council Decrees for which ACBC, CRA and AMPJP have shared responsibility.


ACBC, CRA and AMPJP collaboration


The Council approved draft Action Plans for the ACBC-AMPJP Accord and CRA-AMPJP Covenant. These will be sent to ACBC and CRA for them to add additional details.


The Council approved the AMPJP Executive Officer’s report to the ACBC General Forum 29-30 November 2022


Preparations for the AMPJP Dinner and Extended Council meeting 14-15 March 2023


The Council discussed the draft program for the AMPJP Dinner and Extended Council meeting 14-15 March 2023. Councillors volunteered to take on various roles in the preparation and deliver of the program.


Synod on Synodality consultation


The Council noted the two AMPJP online consultations for the Synod on Synodality. The AMPJP Executive Officer will circulate a draft AMPJP summary of the consultation to the Council for approval.


Change in Member Representative


Peter Pritchard announced that his term as Chair of Sophia Education Ministries concludes on 18th November 2022 and he will no longer be their Member Representative to AMPJP. The Council thanked him for his contribution to AMPJP.



Other business

  • The Council noted the CORMSAA report.
  • The Council noted the AMPJP Canonical Stewards Formation Committee report.
  • The Council noted the Executive Officer’s Report.
  • The Council noted the importance of cyber security and suggestions were offered to test and improve AMPJP’s cyber security.
  • The Council noted the AMPJP Financial Reports and Correspondence Report


Next Council meeting:  via videoconference on Tuesday 13th December 2022

11.00am – 1.00pm (AEDT) or 8.00am-10.00am (AWST)