Submission Opportunity: Creating a better future for the not-for-profit sector: Non-Profit Sector Development BluePrint

17 November 2023 by

The Federal Government has opened submissions to inform the Not-for-Profit Sector Development Blueprint. The Blueprint will provide a roadmap for Government reform and sector-led initiatives to boost the sector’s capacity to support and connect Australian communities. The media release and Issues Paper providing further information are attached.

The Issues Paper explores eight focus areas considered as key priorities for action
by the not-for-profit sector and government. These include:
•measurement, outcomes and quality of services• policy, advocacy, communications and engagement
• philanthropy and volunteering
• governance, organisation and legal environment
• leadership and staff development
• government funding, contracting and tendering
• Information Technology, communication and marketing, and
• leveraging assets and social finance

The Government has mostly consulted with community services not-for-profits, so it is appropriate that other sectors in the Church also be heard. As the Catholic Church is Australia’s largest group of not-for-profits by far, please consider making submissions so our ministries are part of government consideration going forward.

For more information see the Issues Paper and Media Release below…


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