A Protestant view of Lay Organisation leadership…: Keeping Faith: How Christian organisations can stay true to the way of Jesus

28 September 2023 by

This book comes from a some important leaders and theologians in Protestant for-purpose organisations.  It is helpful to compare and contrast the views from these authors to those of Catholic thinkers in the same space.  The lead author, Stephen Judd, was the long-term CEO of HammondCare and led their initiative to become the leading provider of dementia aged care services in Australia. John Swinton and Kara Martin are the co-authors.

Their description…

We all can think of organisations that were established by Christians that are no longer recognisably Christian. In Keeping Faith, the authors outline the key components of organisational faithfulness – that is, what is needed for Christian organisations to stay true to the way of Jesus. They argue that the old reliance on statements of faith, or a set of Christian values, is insufficient. What is needed is a robust organisational theology that inhabits the enterprise’s structures, management, business policies, practices and relationships and is tailored to the purpose of the organisation.

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