CORMSAA Committee Report: August 2023

11 September 2023 by

  1. La Salle Academy Advisory Board

Paul Ould was nominated and accepted to become CORMSAA’s representative.


  1. Forum of RI and MPJP School Authorities (and/or their school Principals and Boards) Oct 2023

Key topics include Ochre Education Resources, Governance/Service fee understandings for AMPJP governing bodies, follow up to the implementation of “Created and Loved”.


  1. AMPJP Forum

CORMSAA members requested an invitation to future AMPJP Forums.


  1. NCEC Nominee’s Report

The Ochre education resources in the form of open source lesson plans are being commissioned by the NCEC, and the Canberra & Goulburn and Melbourne Archdiocesan school authorities, with an emphasis on Mathematics.