Author: Lawrie Hallinan

14 June 2021 by

At their May 2021 meeting the AMPJP Council approved the AMPJP Formation Framework for MPJP Canonical Stewards. The introduction to the Framework explains: The Association of Ministerial Public Juridic Persons Ltd (AMPJP) and its Members recognises the importance of the civil and canonical responsibilities of the Canonical Stewards of Ministerial
28 May 2021 by

The month of May was busy with both a AMPJP Council Strategic Issues Forum and Council meeting 16-17 May 2021 and a CORMSAA meeting 18 May 2021. A highlight of both was that they were face-to-face meetings where those present could speak to individuals and small groups as well to
28 May 2021 by

Coinciding with Pentecost was the national campaign to support a prayerful build-up to the first assembly of the Plenary Council. The “Fan the Flame” campaign is offered as resources for individuals and groups of various sizes and contexts who are providing essential support by praying for the Council journey and
27 May 2021 by

23 participants from all of the 11 AMPJP members plus two representatives from the Institute of Sisters of Mercy in Australia and Papua New Guinea: Mercy Ministry Companions gather at Peter Canisius House, Pymble on 16-17 May 2021.     Presentation of the initial draft of 5-year AMPJP Review Report
27 May 2021 by

The hospitality of ACU enabled the Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP School Authorities (CORMSAA) to meet both at North Sydney and via videoconference in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.   Below is a summary of the meeting: And via videoconference and at ACU Nth Sydney   Present Philomena Billington
20 May 2021 by

In this year of the Plenary Council, it is timely for all within the Church, especially leaders, assess the extent to which we are being a “leaven” working to bring reconciliation and maturity to Australian society. National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our
30 April 2021 by

April 13 saw another successful AMPJP videoconference. This one was a consultation on the AMPJP draft Formation Framework for Canonical Stewards. I am most appreciative of the people who planned the session and who helped in the drafting of the Framework: Carmel Ross (MercyCare) Peter Pritchard (Sophia Education Ministries) Elizabeth
26 April 2021 by

During April 2021, Sr Eveline Crotty rsm, Leader of the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea, circulated an update on the progress of the formation of a Ministerial PJP to sponsor their ministries which included the following: The good news I have to share with you
26 April 2021 by

On Earth Day, Pope Francis joined with other world leaders in calling for urgent and cooperative action on the environmental crisis. The Pope will also use the 16-24 May 2021 Laudato si’ week to call upon all sections of the Catholic Church commit to undertake their own journey of discernment
31 March 2021 by

    In prayer, God “takes us, Blesses us, Then breaks us and Gives us, To satisfy everyone’s hunger. Every Christian is called to become in God’s hands Bread, broken and shared”. Pope Francis     New events listed on the website: A moment to dream: Pope Francis’ pathway to
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