AMPJP Council meeting 09 May 2023

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Summary of AMPJP Council Meeting 09th May 2023 via videoconference


AMPJP review of its relationship with ACSL

The Council discussed the report detailing the analysis of survey results and key interviews. Given the significance of this issue the Council agreed to devote a separate meeting solely to considering this issue with a prayerful discernment process.


Abridged papers on MPJPs

The AMPJP Council considered some abridged working papers designed to inform interested members of the public about MPJPs. The Council agreed that two papers (‘MPJPs in Australia’ and ‘Canonical Stewards in Ministerial PJPs) can be posted on the AMPJP website and publicly circulated.


AMPJP Councillor turnover, Risk Register, Operational Plan and Budget for 2023-2024

The AMPJP Council discussed and approved the draft Risk Register, Operational Plan and Budget for 2023-2024.

The major points are:

AMPJP Councillor turnover

  • Councillors to decide an orderly and well-prepared transition of 75% of the Council which is scheduled to turnover in 2025-2026.

Risk Register

  • preparation for change of AMPJP Executive Officer and AMPJP Councillors; and
  • engagement with ACSL maintaining internal and external relationships.

Operational Plan and budget

  • increase AMPJP Executive Officer hours to 35 p/wk;
  • maintain existing AMPJP activities;
  • clarify MPJP collaboration in recruitment of Canonical Stewards/ Board Directors;
  • explore the possibility of an introductory canon law course;
  • write papers on (1) Relationship between MPJP Canonical Stewards & Board Directors who they appoint; (2) FAQ “So, you want to be a Canonical Steward?” (3) the role of committees in supporting MPJP Canonical Stewards; (4) the history of MPJP/AMPJP in Australia; and (5) the theology of MPJPs;
  • provide webinars: (1) MPJP Canonical Stewards role in National Catholic Safeguarding Standards; (2) AMPJP Governance Report; (3) Orientation for Year one MPJP Canonical Stewards (July 2023) and Synod on synodality (Nov-Dec 2023);
  • complete safeguarding self-assessment in 2023 and external audit in 2024;
  • provide and fund travel for a MPJP nominee on National Catholic Synodal Life Roundtable working group (responding to Plenary Council Decree)


AMPJP Membership subscription fees 2023-2024

The Council agreed to the following membership fees for 2023-2024:

Annual MPJP & ministry expenditure <$100M $100-250M $250-500M $500-1B $1-2B > $2B
Fee to AMPJP $6,500 $9,000 $10,000 $14,000 $17,000 $25,000


50% of the AMPJP subscription fee is paid in July and 50% in January.


AMPJP AGM-Forum 20-21 August 2023


The Council received a report from the working group which is organising the AMPJP AGM and Dinner to be held in Melbourne on 20-21 August 2023. Each MPJP is to nominate their preferred Member cameo topic on: “An issue with which our MPJP Stewards wrestle is…” (focus on MPJP Stewards not their ministries). This could be one of the following topics: acting as a college, formation, discernment, recruitment, spiritual leadership, balancing civil/canonical, mission-focused, hearing the voice of those at the margins, other topic chosen by you. We would prefer not to hear the same topic more than once so be the first to choose a topic. Member cameo is a 3-minute presentation (approx. 200 words) or an A3 poster.


Laudato si’ Action Platform

The Council agreed on the text of its statement outlining why it is making a commitment to implement Laudato si’ via the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development’s Laudato si’ Action Platform (LSAP). The statement will be sent to LSAP, Catholic media and posted on the AMPJP website. Over the coming months, the AMPJP will develop a basic LSAP plan.


AMPJP Formation Committee

The Council agreed to approve the AMPJP Formation Committee Terms of Reference and the revised AMPJP Formation Plan 2022-2024



Upon the recommendation of CORMSAA and consent of CRA, the Council appointed Mary Retel as CORMSAA member for Western Australia (effective immediately).


Other matters considered by Council

  • MPJP engagement with: NCSS and Our Common Mission
  • AMPJP Councillor completion of the cultural competency course
  • AMPJP’s collaboration with CRA and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference;
  • AMPJP Executive Officer’s Report, Financial Reports and Correspondence Report.


Next Council meeting:  via videoconference, 14 June 2023


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