AMPJP Council meeting 13 Dec 2022

15 December 2022 by

Major discussion and decisions from the AMPJP Council meeting 13 Dec 2022


National Catholic Safeguarding Standards 2nd Edition

The Council acknowledged the Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd (ACSL) adoption of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards 2nd Edition (NCSS) as a Professional and Safeguarding Standard of the Catholic Church in Australia.

Each MPJP and/or its ministries will need to make their own decision about how they apply the NCSS.


AMPJP Dinner and Extended Council meeting 14-15 March 2023

The Council agreed to invite the CRA Council to join them for dinner and a pre-dinner meeting on Tuesday 14 March 2023.

The Council agreed that the program for the Extended Council meeting on 15 March 2023 will include a presentation by the National Centre for Pastoral Research on “what changes are happening in and to the Church in Australia and their implications for MPJPs (and their ministries)”.


Venue for AMPJP AGM and Forum 20-21 August 2023

The Council agreed that the venue for the AMPJP AGM-Forum 20-21 August 2023 will be the Christian Brothers’ Treacy Centre 126 The Avenue Melbourne. The Treacy Centre has arranged a conference rate for accommodation at the  nearby Quality Inn. The AMPJP Executive Officer will provide further details to MPJP ‘Executive Officers’.


Uluru Statement From the Heart

The Council noted a paper regarding the “Uluru Statement From the Heart”.

The Council agreed to seek the consent of AMPJP Members for the AMPJP to endorse the “Uluru Statement From the Heart”.


MPJPs and Anti-slavery webinar

The AMPJP Executive Officer is working with the Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network to develop a webinar on MPJPs and anti-slavery. This webinar will take place in February 2023.


AMPJP report on MPJP Governance

Lawrie said that he and Neville will have a draft version of most of the MPJP Governance report ready for the Feb 2023 AMPJP Council meeting. That version will probably not include the results of the survey of MPJPs as some MPJPs are closed over January and may not have compiled their results by February.


AMPJP Formation Committee

The Council heard of the AMPJP Formation Committee plans to hold State-based Wisdom circles 6-8pm on: 04 May 2023 (Sydney) 11 May 2023 (Perth); 18 May 2023 (Melb) and 25 May 2023 (Brisbane). These dates are being published early so that all MPJP Stewards can place the most convenient date in their diaries.

The Council heard that the AMPJP Formation Committees has developed a list of suggested materials for MPJPs to include in their introduction package for their new MPJP Stewards.

The Council agreed to appoint Kerry Brettell as a Formator member of the AMPJP Formation Committee.


Other business

  • The Council received a verbal report on the work of CORMSAA.
  • The Council noted the Executive Officer’s Report.
  • The Council noted the AMPJP Financial Reports and Correspondence Report
  • The Council expressed its appreciation for the work of the AMPJP Executive Officer.
  • Councillors wished each other a Merry Christmas.


Next Council meeting:  via videoconference on Tuesday 08th February 2023 11.00am – 1.00pm (AEDT) or 8.00am-10.00am (AWST)