AMPJP Executive Officer’s report on Dec 2022

22 December 2022 by

As always, December seems to be a sprint to the finish.

The AMPJP Council meet in mid-December which gave me a long “to-do list” for the last couple of weeks. Their decisions mean that I start the new year with key aspects of the March 2023 extended Council meeting sorted and with the venue for the Aug 2023 AGM-Forum finalised.

During the month, I completed the NATSICC Cultural Competency Course. The AMPJP Council has also committed to completing this course. I highly recommend the course. It is very informative and utilises video, text and other means to make the content engaging.

I am looking forward to two weeks of relaxing at home over Christmas-New Year .


Inspiring words from Jane Goodall to start the new year:

Yes, we can,

and we will

– for we must.

Let us use the gift of our lives to make this a better world.

For the sake of our children and theirs.

For the sake of those struggling in poverty.

For the sake of the lonely.

And for the sake of our brothers and sisters in the natural world – the animals, plants, and trees.



Goodall, Jane, et al. The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times. Celadon Books, 2021:234.


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