AMPJP extended Council Meeting 15 March 2023

22 March 2023 by

Each AMPJP Councilor brought a fellow Canonical Steward from their MPJP to an extended AMPJP Council Meeting on 15th March 2023 at Mary MacKillop Place, Nth Sydney. This meeting takes place every year as an opportunity for the Council and others to discuss AMPJP issues in greater depth and within a context of prayer. The photos below were provided by Julianna Drobik OP.

Meeting with CRA Council

On the evening of 14th March 2026, the AMPJP Council, 11 other representatives of MPJPs met with some members of the Council of Catholic Religious Australia (CRA). The meeting reviewed the CRA-AMPJP Covenant in terms of “what works well?” and “what are the challenges?”. The fellowship continued through dinner.


The following day the AMPJP Council agreed that meeting and dinner was very positive. There is a mutual willingness to meet and an openness to learn about each other. It was noted that the ever-changing membership of both Councils means that these meetings will need to be regular and will inevitably require some repetition in content.


AMPJP review of its relationship with ACSL

The AMPJP Council approved a plan to review the AMPJP-MPJP relationship with ACSL. The review aims to clarify the importance of the relationship, how it can be improved and MPJP assessment of the various subscriber models.


This review will involve: (1) a survey sent to MPJP ‘Executive Officers’ and Member Representatives; and (2) individual interviews of MPJP ‘Executive Officers’ and Member Representatives and the ACSLCEO and Board Chair. An interim report will be discussed at the AMPJP Council meeting on 09 May 2023.


Progress on Plenary Council implementation

The AMPJP Council discussed and approved the draft Terms of Reference for study of systemic factors which have facilitated sexual abuse within the Church (Decree 2 Introduction 7f) and the draft Terms of Reference for the Roundtable Working Group (Decrees 7.2 and 9.1). These documents were prepared by the ACBC General Secretary with assistance from AMPJP Executive Officer and the CRA National Executive Director. The draft documents will also be considered by CRA and ACBC.

AMPJP Councillors are to provide the AMPJP Executive Officer with suggestions of suitable people for:

  • membership of the study’s oversight committee (Decree 2 Introduction 7f);
  • membership of the expert reference panel for the study of systemic factors which have facilitated sexual abuse within the Church (Decree 2 Introduction 7f);
  • membership of the Roundtable Working Group (Decrees 7.2 and 9.1).
  • the role of Independent Chair of the Roundtable Working Group.


These names will be added to suggestions from ACBC and CRA.


The Council acknowledged that Phil Billington is soon to complete her term as EREA Member Representative and CORMSAA Chair. Phil was thanked for her generous contributions of time and wisdom both on AMPJP Council and more particularly on CORMSAA.


The Council made the following appointments to CORMSAA:

  1. Dr Frank Malloy as CORMSAA Chair (effective 07 June 2023) and
  2. Audrey Brown as Educationalist member of CORMSAA (effective 07 June 2023).


Strategic Direction 2023-2025

The AMPJP Council made some changes to the current AMPJP Strategic Direction document and extended its application until 2025.


AMPJP AGM-Forum 20-21 August 2023


The meeting agreed that a working group should be established to finalise details of the AMPJP AGM and Dinner to be held in Melbourne on 20-21 August 2023.


Presentation on demographic changes within Australian society and the Catholic Church in Australia

Dr Stephen Reid, Senior Researcher at the National Centre for Pastoral Research gave a presentation: Thinking about change: Trends, changes and emerging issues in education, social services, welfare and health. The AMPJP Council then discussed the implications for MPJPs, MPJP ministries and for the AMPJP.


Recruitment and formation of potential MPJP Stewards.

The AMPJP Council discussed the possible benefits and options for collaboration in MPJP recruitment and formation of potential MPJP Stewards. This discussion was to be continued at a later meeting.


Other reports considered by Council

  • AMPJP policy compliance report (July-Dec 2022)
  • Report on the AMPJP’s 20 Feb 2023 webinar on Modern Slavery
  • MPJP engagement with: NCSS and Our Common Mission
  • verbal report on the work of the AMPJP Committee for MPJP Canonical Steward Formation;
  • AMPJP’s collaboration with CRA and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference;
  • AMPJP Executive Officer’s Report, Financial Reports and Correspondence Report.


Next Council meeting:  via videoconference on 09 May 2023