CORMSAA meeting 09 March 2023

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Summary of the Meeting of the Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP School Authorities Australia (CORMSAA), Thursday 09th March 2023 at ACU, North Sydney

CORMSAA Members Paul Ould (Vic), Marea Nicholson AM (Educationalist), Brigette Sipa rsj (SA), Phil Billington (Educationalist and Chair), Dale Morrow (QLD) Frank Malloy (NSW)


Changes in CORMSAA membership

Following the resignation of Philomena Billington as CORMSAA Chair and Educationalist effective 7 June 2023, CORMSAA will make the following recommendations to the AMPJP Council for the position of CORMSAA Chair and for the position of Educationalist.

CORMSAA is still looking for a person to represent RI and MPJP school authorities operating in Western Australia.


State RI and MPJP school structures

The Committee discussed the benefits of RI-MPJPs having their own forum in each State to discuss common issues and responses. It was noted that RI-MPJPs in both Victoria and NSW have incorporated their entities. Queensland has an unincorporated Committee which might benefit from more regular meetings. CORMSAA is keen to support RI-MPJPs in Western Australia and South Australia to each develop a RI-MPJPs forum that meets regularly. Such a forum need not be an incorporated body.


Updates to CORMSAA Strategic Priorities work plan 2023-24

The Committee made some changes to elements of the CORMSAA Strategic Priorities work plan 2023-2024 (see attached).


The importance of accurate information on RI-MPJP schools

Paul Ould and Marea Nicholson reported that their suggested inclusions regarding RI-MPJPs and CORMSAA were included in the NCEC website which was launched this week. Marea will follow up with NCEC.

The meeting also discussed inconsistent and inaccurate data on My School website and from other bodies. There was agreement that data needs to be improved.


Forum of RI and MPJP School Authorities 2023

The meeting agreed that an online Forum (probably at twilight Eastern time) will be held in September 2023 for School Authorities of Religious Institutes and Ministerial PJPs.


NCEC Nominee’s Report

A comprehensive report was provided by the NCEC nominee.


Regular Reports

CORMSAA received regular reports on CORMSAA Expenditure and Correspondence.


Next CORMSAA Meeting: Thursday 07 June 2023


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