CORMSAA meeting Feb 2023

7 February 2023 by

Meeting Summary of the Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP School Authorities Australia (CORMSAA), Wednesday 01st February 2023 via ZOOM videoconference



Changes in CORMSAA membership

Philomena Billington will conclude her term as CORMSAA Chair effective 7 June 2023. CORMSAA’s recommendation to AMPJP is that the next Chair should be one of the current CORMSAA members.

 A new “Educationalist” will be needed on CORMSAA as that is the membership category under which Phil Billington was appointed.

CORMSAA is still looking for a person to represent RI and MPJP school authorities operating in Western Australia.


Implementation of the CORMSAA Strategic Priorities work plan 2022-23

CORMSAA’s 09th March 2023 meeting will discuss:

  • RI-MPJP content in NCEC’s weekly e-newsletter;
  • Progressing issues identified in the funding concerns survey;
  • Gaining wider RI-MPJP input to RI-MPJP nominee to NCEC;
  • Importance of developing relationship with State RI-MPJP peak bodies; and
  • Succession for CORMSAA members and Chair.


Forum of RI and MPJP School Authorities (and/or their school Principals and Boards) 2023

The meeting discussed the value of the Forum and suggested that a late August/early September Forum was the best timing


 NCEC Nominee’s Report

A comprehensive report was provided by the NCEC nominee.


 Regular Reports

CORMSAA received regular reports on CORMSAA Expenditure and Correspondence.



Next CORMSAA Meeting: Thursday 09 March 2023


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