CORMSAA’s first in-person meeting

28 March 2021 by

There was great excitement at CORMSAA’s (Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial Public Juridic Person School Authorities Australia) first in-person meeting.

Frank Malloy, Phil Billington, Brigette Sipa RSJ, Catherine Slattery SGS, Jeff Burn, Marea Nicholson, Dale Morrow


CORMSAA was only formed in mid-2020. The previous four CORMSAA meetings were all held via video-conference. Videoconferencing is a convenient platform – especially for a group with members in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. However, the recent easing of COVID-19 restrictions has now allowed for a face-to-face meeting. which enabled greater interaction and building of relationships in such a new entity.


ACU generously made available one of their North Sydney meeting rooms for the 17 March 2021 meeting. This four hour meeting allowed the committee to discuss in greater depth the current issues facing Religious Institute and Ministerial Public Juridic Person School Authorities. The meeting received a detailed report from the NCEC nominee, Marea Nicholson AM and members were able to grapple with national matters and to discern the priorities and plan for CORMSAA in addressing a full agenda.


The meeting included a presentation to Sr Catherine Slattery sgs who has recently completed her term on the National Catholic Education Commission. The meeting also received news of the resignation of Br Peter Ryan fsc whose additional duties mean that he is unable to continue as one of the SA/NT/WA representatives. Peter has been a valuable contributor to CORMSAA. Nominations will soon be sought for a new SA/NT/WA representative.