Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture

29 September 2020 by

The four-unit course brings together the head, the heart and the hands, emphasising the spiritual underpinnings of theology and developing leaders’ capacities to integrate a deep understanding of the Catholic imagination, its ethos and mission, with day-to-day leadership functions in modern organisations.


2021 Unit Dates and Locations:


Unit 1: Catholic Ethos and the Care of the Person   |   15-19 March 2021   |   Melbourne

Unit 2: Ethics in a Faith-Based Context   |   24-28 May 2021   |   Brisbane

Unit 3: Catholic Social Thought in Practice   |   2-6 August 2021    |   Sydney

Unit 4: Leading the Mission in Catholic Organisations   |   18-22 October 2021   |   Melbourne


If you, or one of your team, would benefit from this exceptional leadership course, please reach out. We’re here to make a difference and assist you with not only your professional development, but the capability development of those in your teams. More information is available on the ACU website or by phone/email listed below.

Maree Najem
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