Perth based MPJP Canonical Stewards gather

11 July 2023 by

The fourth and final of this years Wisdom Circle gatherings was held in Perth on 05 July 2023. Tony Wheeler attended as alumni and shared his experience of governance at Mercy Care.



Photo:  Frank Cooper (St John of God Australia), Rev Joe Parkinson (St John of God Australia), Tony Wheeler (guest speaker), Celia Hammond (St John of God Australia), Carmel Ross (Mercy Ministry Companions), Neville Owen (St John of God Australia), Des Hardiman (MercyCare), Mark Murphy (St John of God Australia), Anne Pitos (MercyCare), Jennifer Stratton (MercyCare)
Photographer: Lawrie Hallinan (AMPJP)
Absent: Tom Stephens (MercyCare),
Apologies:  Mary McComish (MercyCare), Steve Halley-Wright (MercyCare),

The attendance of ten was excellent given that there are currently 12 Western Australia-based MPJP Stewards from three MPJPs. The gathering was held in the board room at St John of God Subiaco Conference Centre.

The AMPJP  Formation Plan (2022-2024) includes State-based Wisdom Circle gatherings. The gatherings aim to build MPJP Stewards understanding of their role and build solidarity by sharing faith and experience of current and former MPJP Stewards. A key element is a presentation from a former MPJP Steward.