Plenary Council, Second Assembly

25 June 2022 by

The second assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of the Church in Australia will take place in Sydney on July 3-9, 2022.

The 277 Members of the Plenary Council includes the AMPJP Council’s Chair,  Eva Skira AM.

There are five ways that you can engage with the Plenary Council:

  1. The daily content produced during the second assembly that can be found on the Plenary Council’s news page and on the Plenary Council Facebook page.
  2. All Masses during the second assembly will be livestreamed. The opening session each day from July 4 to July 8 will also be livestreamed. Click here to view the livestream schedule. The livestream will be accessible on the Plenary Council website’s home page and the Plenary Council YouTube channel
  3. Send a prayer/your hopes/your words of support and these will be posted at the entry to the assembly venue, allowing Members to read what people around the country are saying to them. Send a message
  4. Every night from Sunday July 3 to Friday 08 at 7.30 AEST, Genevieve Jacobs AM and Paul Bongiorno AM will speak with Plenary members and insiders summarising, highlighting, and discussing each day’s events. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION
  5. Every day Geraldine Doogue AO will provide daily Plenary Matters podcasts with guests reviewing each day’s discernment and where it might take Council members CLICK HERE FOR PODCASTS

Some interesting pre-reading:

A Theology of Church – Text for Plenary Council, by Rev Richard Lennan

The Catholic Plenary Council: A suggested preamble – Pearls and Irritations – Bill Uren SJ


Video presentations by Plenary Council’s supporting theologians:

Fr Brendan Byrne SJ FAHA a Professor Emeritus of New Testament at the University of Divinity in Melbourne shares his thoughts on the reconciliation and the Plenary Council (10.58min):

Fr Frank Moloney SDB a Professor of New Testament at the University of Divinity in Melbourne shares his thoughts on the scripture and the Plenary Council (11.57min):