Summary of AMPJP Council Meeting on 08th Aug 2023

15 August 2023 by

 AMPJP audited financial reports

Auditors, Pitcher Partners assured the Council the financial reports and practices at AMPJP meet the required standard. The Council authorised the signing of the relevant financial documents in preparation for the AGM.


AMPJP Annual Report

The AMPJP Council approved the Annual Report for 2022-2023. It will be printed and distributed at the AGM


Arrangements for the new Executive Director

The Council agreed to:

  1. appoint Martin Teulan as Company Secretary as of 14 August 2023;
  2. approve change of AMPJP registered business address as of 14 August 2023 to be: 7 Locksley St, Killara NSW 2071;
  3. Council Chair and Executive Director write a media release on the appointment of Martin Teulan and seek Council approval if the text varies significantly from the announcement to MPJPs.


MPJP Governance paper

The Council received “Diversity in Governance 2023: MPJP Canonical Stewards and the Board Directors who they appoint. working paper 1” by Lawrie Hallinan and agreed that it could be distributed within MPJP but not publicly.


ACSL Subscriber model

The AMPJP Member Representative to ACSL reported that work continues to find an outcome on ACSL Subscriber model


AMPJP AGM-Forum 20-21 August 2023

The Council received a report from the working group which is organising the AMPJP AGM and Dinner to be held in Melbourne on 20-21 August 2023.


AMPJP Formation Committee

The Chair of the AMPJP Formation Committee reported that:

  1. A webinar for new Canonical Stewards was held in July with positive participant feedback. AMPJP will send a welcome letter and resources when MPJPs let AMPJP know when they have new Canonical Stewards.
  2. The committee has developed a new resource – Key questions for MPJP Canonical Stewards;
  3. The Committee has developed strategies to respond to the applicable Plenary Council strategies; and
  4. Wisdom Circles for 2023 received with positive feedback. Attendance in some States was poor. It would be helpful if MPJP Chairs encouraged attendance.


The Council agreed to approve the AMPJP Formation Committee Terms of Reference

  1. appoint Gary Humphrys to the AMPJP Formation Committee in the capacity as current MPJP Canonical Steward from a MPJP (Mary Aikenhead Ministries) which sponsors education ministries;
  2. appoint Kerry Brettell to the AMPJP Formation Committee in the capacity as current MPJP Canonical Steward from a MPJP (Calvary Ministries) which sponsors health/aged care ministries;
  3. appoint Jamie Calder to the AMPJP Formation Committee in the capacity as a Formator


Other matters considered by Council

  • Verbal report on CORMSAA
  • AMPJP Strategic Plan progress report 2022-2023
  • AMPJP Policy compliance report 2022-2023
  • AMPJP Complaints handling report 2022-2023
  • draft AMPJP calendar 2024
  • MPJP engagement with: NCSS and Our Common Mission
  • AMPJP Councillor completion of the cultural competency course
  • AMPJP’s collaboration with CRA and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference;
  • AMPJP Executive Officer’s Report, Financial Reports and Correspondence Report.


Next Council meeting:  via videoconference, 12 Sept 2023

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