ACBC-AMPJP Accord: Together for mission

30 May 2022 by

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (Bishops Conference) and the Association of Ministerial Public Juridic Persons (AMPJP) have signed an Accord to bring clarity and energy to their shared efforts to advance God’s mission.

AMPJP initiated the Accord process to formally recognise the place of MPJPs[1] as Church Authorities and the interdependent relationship with other Church Authorities.

The process of developing the Accord has enabled Bishops Conference members and AMPJP members to develop a shared understanding of their unique roles and their commitment to their working relationship.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Bishops Conference President:

This Accord is an important step for the Church in Australia. The Bishops Conference and the MPJPs, through their Association, have formalised their cooperation as Church Authorities entrusted with leadership in mission. The Accord isn’t the last word but it will help both the Bishops Conference and the AMPJP work together creatively and peacefully for the good of the Church and the nation.

 Eva Skira AM, AMPJP Council Chair:

We recognise that God’s mission for the Church in Australia will increasingly require more focused collaboration between Church Authorities. I am confident that the Accord will assist develop our bonds of communion and mission. Future revisions of the Accord will no doubt be needed to respond to changing situations and needs.

The following elements are central to the Bishops Conference-AMPJP Accord:

  1. Regular dialogue of AMPJP leadership with Bishops Conference leadership;
  2. Mutual invitations to relevant Church leadership gatherings;
  3. Collaboration of AMPJP and Bishops Conference on matters of shared concern;
  4. Mutual education regarding the nature of both bodies and issues of concern to both; and
  5. Willingness to seek each other’s advice on matters concerning their ecclesial leadership.


 A copy of the Accord can be found here.


[1] A public juridic person (a body within the Church) established by a competent Church authority for the purpose of sponsoring Church ministries. There are 12 MPJPs in Australia that sponsor some of the Church’s health, aged care, education and community services.


Feature image: Photo by Ave Calvar on Unsplash