AMPJP AGM and Dinner

29 August 2022 by

AMPJP Annual Report 2022

AMPJP was pleased to welcome to its AGM

  • 55 MPJP Stewards
  • 8 MPJP ‘Executive Officers’ and
  • guests:
  1. David Miller: Member of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council
  2. Br Peter Carroll FMS: CRA President
  3. Anne Walker: CRA National Executive Director
  4. Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB: ACBC President and Archbishop of Perth
  5. Rev Dr Stephen Hackett MSC: ACBC General Secretary


The AGM was followed by a dinner with Archbishop Mark Coleridge: Archbishop of Brisbane joining us.

During the dinner Eva Skira, Br Peter Carroll and Archbishop Timothy Costelloe participated in a lively panel discussion led by Moira Najdecki.

Below are some photos by Mark Crocker Photographer from the AGM: