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Momentum is building as people across Australia get together in groups, download the Listening and Dialogue guide, get together for conversation and then are sending their responses in online. More than 120 responses have already been received by the Plenary Council team. Does my voice, my experience, sharing my story really matter?
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The  Emmaus Online Video Prayer and Meditation Library has over 300 online videos that we have produced for children and for adults, which are hosted on their website at   Please see this page for information on the video library for adults:   The library can only be accessed through annual subscription
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Over the month of May, I have been struck several times by the signs of the change in season. The mornings are colder, the evening arrives sooner and the deciduous trees are finally changing colour (such as this one from Newcastle). The past month has also seen me busy in
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The article from Pro Bono news below makes some interesting observations about the charitable sector across Australia. Ministerial PJPs and their ministries are registered as charities so their data is included in this report.   Growth and Change in Australia’s Charities: 2014 To 2016, is a sub-report of the Australian
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Ministerial PJPs, like all Church stewards, were called by Pope Francis in Laudato si’ to raise awareness of ecological issues (#214); promote ecological conversion (#216-221) and adopt a new way of living (#203-208). Many of the ministries of Ministerial PJPs have a long history of reducing energy and water use, reducing
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On 13 May 2018 Pope Francis’ updated statutes for the Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life come into force. One of the changes is to require that Vatican agency to promote a deeper reflection on the role of women in the Church and society. More details at:   The
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Overview April 2018 felt like a month when the good train AMPJP pulled away from the station of another Council meeting to continue in its direction at an ever increasing pace. Our 12th April AMPJP Council teleconference had a full agenda. There are a number of complex whole of Church
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  Pope Francis’ recent Apostolic Exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and be glad): On the Call to Holiness in Today’s World[i] has much to offer both individuals and groups. The Pope’s exhortation can be read in conjunction with the AMPJP Gaudete et Exsultate group reflection guide which can aid canonical stewards
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If you want to feel affirmed and empowered as a Catholic read: “The Obligations and Rights of all the Christian Faithful” in the Code of Canon Law (Cann. 208 – 231). This is the recommendation of Sr Maria Casey RSJ. On 11 April 2018, I met with Maria, the President
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Overview The month of March has been a month of consolidation for me. I spent some time preparing for our end of financial year audit. I followed-up issues from the February AMPJP Council meeting. I also drafted some organisational policies for the AMPJP Council to consider. I was pleased to