NATSICC Assembly 2022

23 September 2022 by

This year’s NATSICC Assembly was a showcase of leadership in faith and culture.


The Assembly took place at Mercy Partner’s St Patrick’s College, Townsville, 19-23 September 2022. The excellent facilities, grounds and catering gave all a comfortable and dignified experience.

There were over 200 participants each day from across Australia with a significant number of non-Indigenous people, including the Bishops of Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin. The many young people had the benefit of some separate sessions focused on their issues.


The program was substantial:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spirituality;
  • Uluru Statement From the Heart – process of developing it and action required from 2023;
  • Laudato si’ – examples of how Indigenous spirituality and knowledge align with the Church’s teaching on care for our Common Home;
  • Presentations by young adults – emphasising strengths and making links between culture and faith;
  • Healing through Country – a personal story of the impact removal from family and the healing that comes from connection with place, people and culture; and
  • Morning and afternoon prayer, Eucharist and youth liturgy prepared by representatives of each State.


Participants had the option of attend some workshops:

  • Indigenous Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach;
  • Caring for Creation through the Laudato Si’ Action Platform;
  • Spirit Animal Stones;
  • A personal story of faith through contemporary and traditional Torres Strait Islander music;
  • Plenary Council – opportunities, implementation and further work; and/or
  • Spiritual Calling of North West Queensland Intense Family Support and Community Justice.


There was also an on-Country experience – with local guides explaining sites of significance.


The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders presenters and facilitators were of various ages and came from city, regional and remote areas. Their knowledge of culture and of faith was impressive.

I encourage all MPJPs to send representatives to the next NATSICC Assembly. This will probably take place in NSW in 2025. The Assembly is a rich formation experience for non-Indigenous people with informal and programmed opportunities to meet, learn from and share with our generous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sisters and brothers.


The Assembly is also an excellent opportunity for MPJPs to make themselves known to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics and to encourage leaders to consider a position as a MPJP Stewards. The Assembly enables MPJPs and other parts of the Church to show our solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics and to collaborative continue the process of developing a genuinely Australian expression of the Catholic faith.



Featured image: Assembly 2022 logo courtesy of NATSICC
Photos within post by Lawrie Hallinan (Processional cross used at Assembly and flowers in the grounds of St Patrick’s)