New MPJP Canonical Stewards gather

27 July 2023 by

Recently, a small group of people who have commenced in the role of  MPJP Canonical Steward since January 2022 met online. Participants included: Francis Moore (St John of Goad Australia), Beth Gilligan (EREA) and Paul Linossier (Mercy Ministry Companions).

The meeting included:  

  • hearing about AMPJP and other resources;  
  • sharing their experience; and  
  • enjoying peer support. 


The meeting took place on Wednesday 12 July 2023 at 7:30 PM Canberra/Melbourne/Sydney 7:00PM Adelaide & 5.30PM Perth. 

The meeting was in July to enable new MPJP Canonical Stewards to meet each other ahead of the AMPJP Forum in August 2023.

Participants said that the meeting was a valuable opportunity to address the unique needs and questions of new MPJP Canonical Stewards.