Executive Director’s report on July 2023

30 July 2023 by

For me, July  started in Perth with the final State-based MPJP Canonical Stewards Wisdom Circle for 2023. It amazes me that more MPJP Canonical Stewards don’t attend these gatherings. They are only two hours long, the travel is minimal and most of all the discussion, prayer and networking is rich. MPJP Canonical Stewards have a unique role that many don’t understand. These are one of the few opportunities for past and current MPJP Canonical Stewards to discuss their issues with others who truly ‘get it’.

Much of the month was consumed with preparing the papers for the August Council meeting. February and August meetings always include the extra task of compiling half-yearly reports on strategy and compliance. The August meeting also involves the Council’s acceptance of the Annual Report and audited financial reports. There is just a bit of work in completing these.

The final part of my busy July was preparing all the appointment and induction materials for my successor. Martin Teulan was the successful applicant for the position of AMPJP Executive Director. Martin has a wealth of experience. I have every confidence that he will bring new perspectives and competencies to the AMPJP. He begins on 14 August 2023 and we will have a handover period.

My last day with AMPJP will be Sunday 20 August 2023, when I will attend the AMPJP AGM.


God is Father and does not deny any of His children,

And God’s style is closeness, mercy, and tenderness.

Not judgment and marginalization.

God draws near with love to each of His children, to each and every one of them.

His heart is open to each and every one.

He is Father.

Love does not divide, but unites.

“Pope Speaks to Italian Psychologist for Book Entitled ‘Fear as a Gift,'” Vatican News, Jan. 21, 2023

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