AMPJP Executive Officer’s Report on August 2022

30 August 2022 by

August was naturally dominated by the AMPJP’s AGM and full day forum. There are separate posts on each of these events. The AMPJP Annual Report and two animations were launched at the AGM.

Before the AGM there was an AMPJP Council meeting and an AMPJP Formation Committee meeting at the beginning of the month. Both of these meetings involved substantial preparation and follow-up.

I participated in the Catholic Health Australia conference which followed the AMPJP Forum.

In all the moving forward, I am also very aware that Eva Skira has completed her term as AMPJP Council Chair and St John of God Australia Member Representative to AMPJP. I feel like the AMPJP and I have grown tremendously as a result of Eva’s vision and drive. I will certainly miss her and I pray that God blesses her future endeavours.

The first of September is the start of the ecumenical Season of Creation. This is a fitting time to recognise in AMPJP the birth, growth, death, rebirth that is the pattern of all life. Life that is brought into being, sustained and driven on by the love of God.



May God who established the dance of creation,

Who marvelled at the lilies of the field,

Who transforms chaos to order,

Lead us to transform our lives and the Church

To listen to the voice of all creatures,

That reflect God’s glory in creation.


From Season of Creation Celebration Guide 2022


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