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On 07 March 2022, Margaret Bounader, Member Representative for Mercy Ministry Companions joined the AMPJP Council. The AMPJP Council allows any Member Representative to join the AMPJP Council by completing a Consent to Act as Director declaration. Currently all 12 Member Representatives are members of the AMPJP Council.
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International Women’s Day 08 March 2022   There is a part of the Catholic Church where women consistently have a place as equals in Church governance. The annual report on women in Ministerial Public Juridic Persons (PJP) governance has, for the fifth year, shown women are close to equally represented
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February 2022 was a busy month for meetings: AMPJP Council, AMPJP Formation committee and CORMSAA. I see a big difference in the agendas and follow-up in AMPJP meetings now in contrast to when I started four years ago. Back then the discussion was often about what to start and how
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Two new resources on faith formation for Catholic school communities. The publications, Leading Formation for Mission: A Practical Guide and A Framework for Student Faith Formation in Catholic Schools respond to the national strategic priority of enlivening faith formation and religious education.   Feature image courtesy of NCEC
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In mid February 2022, there were two free webinars that explored themes relevant to the 2023 Synod on Synodaility:       Synodality and change Feb 16, 2022 presentation by Elissa Roper. Introduced by Bishop Vincent Long Sponsored by Garratt Publishing One hour recording available at:   also  
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Summary of AMPJP Council Meeting 09th Feb 2022   1. AMPJP Membership application from Mercy Ministry Companions – With great enthusiasm the Council approved the AMPJP membership application from Mercy Ministry Companions effective as of 01 March 2022.   2. Papers: “MPJPs in Australia” and “The Role of the Canonical
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The Bishops of Western Australia, as the Members of Catholic Education Western Australia Limited, have announced the appointment of Ms Eva Skira AM as a Commissioner and Chair‑elect of the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA). Eva’s appointment as the Chair of CECWA will take effect from Monday 6
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I returned from my Christmas-New Year break on 10 January 2022. Most of the month was spent preparing for meetings in early February 2022. CORMSAA, the AMPJP Formation Committee and the AMPJP Council all needed meeting papers prepared. I find that meeting papers are helpful in reminding me of commitments
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The AMPJP  congratulates Very Rev Peter Williams on being awarded a Member of The Order of Australia on 26 January 2022. It is appropriate that the Governor General has recognised his many, varied and significant contributions to the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Diocese of Parramatta, and various Liturgical bodies. The
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The AMPJP congratulates Sr Anne Hetherington rsm for her award of an Order of Australia medal on 26 January 2022. The Award citation notes Anne’s many contributions within the Catholic Church which have enriched Australian society. Anne had a key role in the establishment and early growth of Mercy Partners.
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