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Catholic Theological College presents a series of online lectures:   Jesus Christ for me today: How can a man born 2,000 years ago have implications for me today?  What possible relevance can he have for my life? Rev Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB. Tuesday, 3 May, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm AEST –
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AMPJP office will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. The AMPJP prayers for an outpouring of Easter blessings: may your faith draw you to God in times of doubt and struggle may you find the grace to trust when all seems hopeless may you find God’s strength when
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March 2022 was very busy. It reminded me of the skinks in my backyard. They dash here and there, getting out and about to make the most of this season. For them, there is a sense that life is about to get slower. I just see the AMPJP doing more
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The AMPJP welcomes the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat Ltd and Loreto Ministries Ltd as our first Associates. AMPJP offers a relationship category, called Associates, open to: groups within Australia who are actively working to establish a Ministerial Public Juridic Person (MPJP) or Associations of Christ’s Faithful (ACF) and
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The AMPJP Formation Framework for Canonical Stewards says: Formation occurs when the person cooperates with the Holy Spirit in identifying and developing the values, relationships, skills and knowledge that will enable her/him to more fully become the person that God calls her/him to be. The Framework provides principles for addressing
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Summary of AMPJP Council Meeting 21st March 2022 Presentation by Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd Michael Lavarch AO, Board Chair and Dr Ursula Stephens, CEO of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd, gave a presentation to AMPJP Council and to MPJP safeguarding representatives. This presentation addressed the National Response Protocol, National Response Framework
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CORMSAA (Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJP School Authorities) met on 09 March 2022. Paul Ould (Victoria), Dale Morrow (Queensland), Marea Nicholson AM (Educationalist), Brigette Sipa RSJ (South Australia), Phil Billington (Educationalist & Chair), Frank Malloy (New South Wales) ACU graciously provided a meeting room at their North Sydney
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About 30 people joined the AMPJP’s International Women’s Day webinar: Women in Governance on 08 March 2022. The webinar was ably facilitated by Jennifer Stratton (MercyCare Ltd). The webinar began with AMPJP Council Chair, Eva Skira AM, announcing the MPJP gender equity in governance statistics for 2022. Three presenters shared
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On 07 March 2022, Margaret Bounader, Member Representative for Mercy Ministry Companions joined the AMPJP Council. The AMPJP Council allows any Member Representative to join the AMPJP Council by completing a Consent to Act as Director declaration. Currently all 12 Member Representatives are members of the AMPJP Council.
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International Women’s Day 08 March 2022   There is a part of the Catholic Church where women consistently have a place as equals in Church governance. The annual report on women in Ministerial Public Juridic Persons (PJP) governance has, for the fifth year, shown women are close to equally represented
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