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Culture is often seen more clearly when you encounter a contrast that makes you realise that you think, feel, see and act differently to others. During May 2022, there were two events that gave me an appreciation that there is such a thing as “the Australian way”. The first was
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The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (Bishops Conference) and the Association of Ministerial Public Juridic Persons (AMPJP) have signed an Accord to bring clarity and energy to their shared efforts to advance God’s mission. AMPJP initiated the Accord process to formally recognise the place of MPJPs[1] as Church Authorities and the
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The National Reconciliation Week 2022 theme is: “Be Brave. Make Change.” Reconciliation Australia say that this is a challenge to all Australians— individuals, families, communities, organisations and government—to Be Brave and tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so we can Make Change for the benefit of all Australians. Since 1996, Australian’s have
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The theme for Laudato si’ Week 2022 is “Listening and Journeying Together”. Laudato Si’ Week is an opportunity to revisit and better incorporate the wisdom in Pope Francis’ encyclical on Care for Our Common Home. That encyclical was signed on 24 May 2015. Laudato Si’ Week is celebrated in Australia
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Summary of AMPJP Council Meeting 10th May 2022   Travel Subsidy Proposal The Council approved payments to enable each MPJP to send at least two representatives to the AMPJP AGM-Forum 21-22 Aug 2022 in Brisbane. AMPJP Executive Officer will inform MPJPs of the payment process.   AMPJP Operational Plan 2022-2023
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Alleluia – Christ lives and so do we Obviously, Easter dominated the past month. The series of public holidays distorted the pattern of work. More importantly, the Easter story of fidelity, struggle, death and resurrection refocused my view of the world. As the new Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Balvo, was
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Media release from the Plenary Council: PEOPLE OF GOD INVITED TO SURROUND COUNCIL IN PRAYER Catholics across the country are being invited to participate in a new prayer pilgrimage as the Church journeys towards the second assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia. The “Walking in the Spirit” pilgrimage
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Catholic Theological College presents a series of online lectures:   Jesus Christ for me today: How can a man born 2,000 years ago have implications for me today?  What possible relevance can he have for my life? Rev Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB. Tuesday, 3 May, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm AEST –
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AMPJP office will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. The AMPJP prayers for an outpouring of Easter blessings: may your faith draw you to God in times of doubt and struggle may you find the grace to trust when all seems hopeless may you find God’s strength when
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March 2022 was very busy. It reminded me of the skinks in my backyard. They dash here and there, getting out and about to make the most of this season. For them, there is a sense that life is about to get slower. I just see the AMPJP doing more
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